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I used the hands free gun vest this year for deer season. It worked great. I have back issues that limit my activities, using this vest I was able to keep my gun close and ready at all times ALL DAY. With out it, I would need to set my gun down after 15 minutes or so. I was also successful in harvesting a buck, because of how easy and fast my gun came up to shoot. I will now use it for all my hunting endeavors, as well as at the sporting clays range. FANTASTIC PRODUCT.

Hi my name is Mike Stanton. I love to go deer hunting. Years past I had surgery on both of my shoulders and problems with my lower back! Because of this when I would go hunting, carrying my browning 30.06 rifle in the woods all day, my back and shoulders would be screaming out with pain! Now that I have purchased a hands free huntingvest, the 2018 hunting season was a success even though I did not shoot a buck this year. I was able to enjoy a good time with my friends and relatives this season with no pain! Because of the hands free hunting vest! I give it a 👍🦌

Sam 12/11/18
I had the pleasure of wearing Ole Iverson's hands-free hunting vest. The vest was comfortable to wear while deer hunting and allowed me to drink and eat snacks while having my rifle always in the ready position in case that big buck came running through the woods. I spend a lot of time hunting in Montana and realized how the hands-free hunting vest would be a great benefit while using binoculars to glass that bull elk on the mountain side, or use walking sticks for those long hikes.

Jon Sanvik 02/25/20
I bought a camo hands free vest this past year and instantly loved it. I used it for duck hunting, with the high waters, I was able to stand deeper in the water and closer to the action. I didn't have to worry about about holding my gun above my waist, the entire time, where I would normally only last 30 min before my arms became too tired. I also bought my old man a blaze orange that he used pheasant hunting. He was shocked how well it worked and the amount of energy he preserved. Absolutely would recommend for anyone!

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